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Welcome to the UK Railways website. Our site has been created with the intention of providing a one stop portal for UK Railways, where interested parties can find all the information and links they need. There are a vast number of places in the United Kingdom where you can enjoy steam powered engines, even today. In Snowdonia there are quite a few model and miniature narrow gauge railway lines, including the following.

Fairbourne Steam Railway was created as a two foot gauge railway back in 1895, and was switched to a fifteen gauge railway in 1916, playing a part in the spread of the new fifteen foot gauge railway throughout the United Kingdom. Fairbourne station has a café, a gift shop and a museum, so you can learn more about its history.

Talyllyn Railway is the oldest preserved narrow-gauge railway line in the world, and offers a ride through the picturesque Snowdonian countryside, taking you through the stunning Dolgoch Falls and giving you a chance to discover the Nant Gwernol forest.

The railway at Bala Lake offers a beautiful nine mile ride through the south of Snowdonia, and this two foot narrow gauge line gives you the chance to take in Bala Lake, as well as the surrounding woodlands and mountains. This lines starts at Llanuwchllyn Station where there is a picnic spot, a souvenir shop and a buffet for you to enjoy.

The Snowdon Mountain Railway begins at Llanberis and offers the chance to travel to Snowdon’s summit, where there is a visitor centre. We are always happy to hear your views and feedback regarding the UK Railways website.

Throughout the United Kingdom steam locomotives could commonly be seen up until quite recently. The middle of the twentieth century saw them slowly be replaced by diesel and electric engines.


These kinds of engines, although quicker than steam locomotives, lack the romantic charm of an old steam horse coughing up a trail of steam as it chugs across the English countryside, passing through mountain tunnels and across beautiful bridges. Our website pays respect to this aspect of the UK’s past.



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New Railways

There are many new railways built every year around the world connecting remote towns and cities.

Every year the tracks need additional work to maintain their safety and ensure all goods and passengers are delivered safely and securely.