National Rail


A railway line has been formed to celebrate and develop a new, cross-border freight railway connecting the road and train lines of Britain and Europe. Its primary shuttle services conveying lorry trailers will get a large-scale transfer of freight from road to rail as well as wider transport and eco advantages. There are several stops in the Kent area, including Ashford, on account of its prime location in connecting our island to the continent.

Think of this railway as an extension of the Channel Tunnel lorry shuttle service to significant industrial areas. We will offer high-frequency, dependable services at a reduced cost than present transport methods, becoming the most financially attractive possible for the most of road hauliers and logistics firms.

Currently railways in the United Kingdom and France do not have the capacity or the height under bridges to convey lorries, making them uncompetitive for freight transport. The railway will be capable of carrying any size of British and European trains, and trains conveying double-stack containers.

This railway which runs through Kent will be a central part of national rail systems: a valuable infrastructure investment. The project could be funded by the global capital markets, and not therefore at the cost of the general public. Broader advantages include regional financial rejuvenation, fewer large vehicles on motorways and reductions in carbon emissions.


Throughout the United Kingdom steam locomotives could commonly be seen up until quite recently. The middle of the twentieth century saw them slowly be replaced by diesel and electric engines.


These kinds of engines, although quicker than steam locomotives, lack the romantic charm of an old steam horse coughing up a trail of steam as it chugs across the English countryside, passing through mountain tunnels and across beautiful bridges. Our website pays respect to this aspect of the UK’s past.



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New Railways

There are many new railways built every year around the world connecting remote towns and cities.

Every year the tracks need additional work to maintain their safety and ensure all goods and passengers are delivered safely and securely.